Meet our delighted clients

Rowan & Jane, McKinnon

We chose our builder well and now wouldn't use anyone else.

Sam was terrific to work with. We were newbies in the extension/renovation business and probably a bit naïve about the scale of the project we'd undertaken. Sam worked with us to help us realise our ideas and vision. His eye for quality and detail is exceptional, and he's continually looking for ways to improve and innovate. He gets the best out of those that work for him and demands the best from his contractors and suppliers.

Sam's honesty and integrity meant a lot to us - you could shake his hand and look him in the eye and know that he meant what he said. He wanted the best for us and our family, and took a lot of pride in his work. We are pretty fussy people - both working in design industries - and other builders might have been driven mad by our pernickety attention to detail. But not Sam, he revelled in it.

Lesley Baker

This is an overdue thank you for the extension you added to my home last month.

I have had one other extension built at a previous house, and some work done on the present address, but I have never experienced the service I received from you.
The quality of your work is superb, with finite attention to detail and finished product. Your design, which incorporates a laundry that is aesthetically the envy of every female that has seen it, and an en-suite for my mother, which has a shower recess large enough for a wheelchair should she need that in the future, is just so wonderful to live and work in.

From a rough indication of what I thought might work, you solved problems in the design before they arose and observed the family needs and incorporated them before I could even think about their inclusion. You were so very co-operative and patient and your advice in making various choices made the tasks a pleasure.

The most noticeable feature of your work was the speed with which you completed the task. While others have waited months for completion of a similar size extension, you quoted eight to ten weeks and finished in that time! Your co-ordination of the various trades was amazing and we didn't have long waits for one trade to finish and another start. It was all done when needed and so smoothly from my point of view.

Renovations are usually fairly painful things for the owners while they are taking place, but our experience was totally different. Although we had to cram into the rest of the house, you went to a lot of trouble to make things as workable as possible. Despite the kitchen being part of the renovation you always made it available - through excavation, building, plastering, painting, etc. The plumber, painter, electricians and plasterer you employed were absolutely superb to deal with, and could not have been more co-operative. We really were sorry when you had completed the job and moved on, as it was like farewelling a friend who has been visiting, and you are constantly referred to when we are placing furniture etc. having become used to your more than helpful input and your interest in the whole family and their needs.The camaraderie of your workers, and your ability to get from them what you wanted and needed without ever losing your cool, is amazing - and made the whole exercise a pleasure.

To have an idea, pass the ball to you, and to see how you turned it into a really stunning addition was an experience I'm glad I was part of.

As you know, if the Gods and Tattslotto are kind to me, I will be handing the job of the original part of the house into your hands, and if I can ever act as a referee for you I would be more than happy to do so.

I wish you much success in the future for all you may undertake.

Vaql and Sam McKinnon Victoria

Re: Our home improvement and renovations.

To any home renovators, we can't recommend Accord Builders & Developers Pty Ltd. enough, the professionalism and excellence in advice and design could not be faulted.

We had so much trust in Sam's renovation program that we spent the whole time overseas. Sam took great care to email us, with photographs of the progress and any changes that needed to be attended to.

On our return the project was finished to the day of the contractual agreement. We were absolutely delighted with the quality and finish of all the work, and are indebted to Sam for the care and security of our property whilst overseas.

Our sincerest thanks to Sam and his tradesmen.

Sue Peacock and Glen Rivers

Apologies for the delay in getting this email to you. We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for such a fantastic job. We are totally rapt with our beautiful house and the transformation you managed to achieve in four months.

As a builder you came very highly recommended and certainly lived up to that reputation. The job was completed when you said it would be, it cost what you said it would cost and you cleaned up like you promised. Your team, including the guys who worked for were you were great, always polite and accommodating and treated our home with respect and care.

We never thought we would use the words "fun" and "renovating" in the same sentence but renovating turned out to be a surprisingly fun project thanks to your professionalism, expertise and trustworthiness. Your advice when it came, was most welcome and yet you respected our desires - despite the fact we were total renovation novices!!

We are sure you do not need any testimonials etc, as the quality of your work speaks for itself but if any future clients want to check you out they can call us!

Best wishes and thank you

Lesley Baker

Tomorrow I will be moving everything back into a house that has been renovated by Accord Builders & Developers Pty Ltd..

I cannot express adequately my delight at the work That Sam Accardi and his team have done with my home. It exceeds the mental portrait I had of the finished product - with the eye for detail Sam Accardi has, the excellence of the work and his insistence that "near enough is not good enough".

I had the pleasure some three years ago of using Accord Homes to do an extension to my home, so I was very familiar with Sam Accardi and his team. However I am even more impressed with his ability, not only to produce first quality work, but the team that he has gathered around him - the other trades that have worked on the project and have enormous respect for Sam and, therefore, give of their best as well.

I have learned still more this time, about being able to trust Sam on every aspect of the work. he has the gift of working with you - and complementing your ideas and vision with his own knowledge and expertise. he is happy to be consulted on the smallest details - including colour schemes, tiles, etc.

This project came about as I have a disabled son who the government deemed needed a bathroom update and the inclusion of a shower recess suited to his needs. The government guidelines can be difficult to work with, as they insist on the use of specific equipment, tiling, shower brackets, height of everything from from the bath from the floor, handrails, toilets, etc. There are many builders and plumbers who will not do such renovations because of this. However Sam worked to keep everything within the guidelines without any hassle, and in total co-operation with the Occupational Therapist who was responsible for overseeing the project. She is absolutely delighted with the way Sam overcame obstacles and managed to produce a bathroom that is not only purpose built, but extremely attractive. I would be only too happy to have anyone come and look at any time.

I had to alter slightly the layout of the house because of this, and had the plaster completely replaced throughout. The entire project was completed in under eight weeks! It has been a pleasure for the entire time.

I not only recommend Accord Builders & Developers Pty Ltd., but have told Sam that when the time comes for me to move to a smaller retirement-type home, I will simply tell Sam where I want it - how much it is to cost and leave it all to him. I know it would be all I could want.

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